I got some tower sections from Rusty yesterday, for a really cheap price and now I'm on the quest for a tilt-over plate. I still haven't decided what all I'm going to put on top of this. I know I'm going to put the 2m yagi that Gary traded me on top with the rotator I got from Dutch. I might put both my dual band trams on it just below the yagi. It all has to stay below 35ft for the city I live in. However, I'm going to build the base as if it was an 80 footer. Even through I'm building it to a height to escape code enforcement, I'm still going to build it too code for safety. I'm also going to build it with a ton of video footage so in the event of my untimely demise, my friends and family can take it down without any hassle. The only thing that will be left is a concrete pad with six anchor bolts sticking out. I am looking forward to this project. I'm not looking forward to digging that big hole.

There's some freeze damage, but I got a welder so no worries there. 


It looks like top rail will fit thru the center of it, which is good.