Long story short, I've been working and going to rehab. I haven't really done anything on the boat except put a piece of aluminum trim on. I was going to clean up the transom and smooth it out, but this whole heart surgery thing kind of monopolized my time. Soooooo. Tomorrow(Friday) I'm going to disconnect the tilt and trim, electrical, shifter and steering after work. Then Saturday we're going to pull the engine off the Skeeter and then drag out the Glastron and mount the motor and see if my half assed job pays off. If it breaks then the motor will be going back on the Skeeter and I'll reattach everything in the spring. If it doesn't break?? Well then I will be emptying the Skeeter and dragging it to Granbury to Martex for it's new owner. And I'll be going to Ham Radio Outlet on Monday to get the 991A. Unless someone else can come up with a shack-in-the-box experience that has a built in sound card and tuner. I'm waiting {crickets: chirp, chirp, chirp}. Yeah, didn't think so. Do I want it? Not really. Do I think I will need it? Maybe, given the state of things right now. EmCom will be pretty important in a SHTF situation. Dragging a single radio as opposed to 5 tons of radio crap is a no brainer. And it's not like I won't use it in the mean time. Ew, Wow, 2m side band. I can join in the chaos net, doubling and tripling with the best of them. :)


P.S. I know the file server is down. I have to figure out how to run two PHP versions at the same time.