I decided when I was out getting antenna stuff at Lowes I would get a fancy box to put my mic adapter in. This is the same adapter as in the D104 on a TYT TH-9800 article except with clean connections and proper crimp tools to do the RJ12. Funny the wires are pinned as Cobra on the D104, but only likes the Midland pinouts. The only difference is the high and low of each side and really shouldn't make a difference but on this TUG8 apparently it does. Maybe the bonded PTT and Mic ground, who knows. One would think the mic and and switch are indiscriminate that they do not care which way is positive. Output off the powered end should still be AC, And PTT would be like the difference of me switching a light off and on with my left hand or right. Who knows, it works again and cleaner.