Migrating to a new computer (Windows 7 Easy Transfer Wizard)

This step is pretty easy if the old computer works. 

Download here

Why would you use the Windows 7 Easy Transfer Wizard? Well simply Windows 10 doesn't have it. Is this what you're using to transfer you profile. Nope! Your using this to see what programs you need to install. You will run it like normal and select only your account. Then prune that to where it's only using basic or basic stuff. You will need to pick network migration so you can save to a file.

Once you have this step done copy the file or move that drive over to the new computer and restore it.

When it's done it will present you with a report. Use that report to install your programs listed in the folders you know they're supposed to be in. Also install the programs that are not listed but know that are on the old system.  i.e. WSJT-X, FLDigi and etc.


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