6 Meter Antenna build

This represents the last of the tent poles from the attic. At least as far as I now. Also probably my last antenna build for awhile. I have been neglecting my music and my airsoft fun. Everything is from Lowes except the rods and the bushings I 3D printed. The mast is fence top rail. Design is from my head after talking about an Octopus antenna on 444.100 Friday morning. Then talking about it again with W5GGH Gary. I figured it was worth giving it a shot and burn off what was left in tent rods. 

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Ok, What am I doing wrong?!

I don't get it. I hear some on the 33 driving on 174 to Cleburne having good communications between the repeater and there are two really big hills in the way. Yet on my radio I can't even get past the little pimple of a hill.  Except when I'm on the railroad viaduct, 35W viaduct or the hill in front of my house by Renfro and Hurst. I have a good solid ground on the antenna, but haven't pursued connecting frame and bed bonding yet. Could that be it? It would be a simple fix, but is that really the problem? The truck is a 2008 Dodge 1500. The mount is a NMO mount with 17ft of RG58. The antenna is a Tram-Browning BR-180. On the low and high side of VHF I'm getting 1.2 and at 144.730 I'm getting 1.1. On UHF I'm getting 1:1 across the board.

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My first HF antenna

My radio only does 10m and 6m AM but I still wanted to give it a try. Amazing what you can do with eztra old tent poles. I'm almost out of them. I'm still using RG6 until I win the lotto to get some RG8X.

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