Stringing the cobweb (3D Printing)

I made this out of nylon and haven't annealed it to see what will happen out in the sun. I guess time will tell. These are for my cobweb project.  I still have four more to make and almost out of PA. The last few will probably made from Carbon fiber polycarbonate. Kind of a waste, but really want to get this project done.

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Revisted the 6m Dipole

Well the Hexbeam was kind of a bust. I couldn't tune it to save my life. I think an analyzer is needed for this antenna. So I came back to my 6m dipole.  I dropped one pair to get it tuned up proper, and tuned up I did get it. It swinging right at 1.6:1, which makes me very happy. I will add my other pair at the same measurements and see if I can hold the same readings.

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First Attempt at a Hexbeam Antenna (Part 2)

Part 1 here. I pulled it down and redid all the paracord and used ferrules to hold everything.


I disconnected the 10 meters element and just did the 6 meter. I re-measured and adjusted my driven elements only to get 5:1 on the SWR. My open-stub j-pole does 3:1 on 6 meter.  So I'm doing something wrong, but don't know what.


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First Attempt at a Hexbeam Antenna

Everything that could go wrong pretty much did. I ran out of wire then I could only find green rope. So it looks rather trashy.

I made it out of polycarbonate(golf car windshield), 1/2 conduit and conduit holders. Also used 14g insulated strained wire.

I have it on my test mast and can already see wind is going to be a problem. I'll play around with it this week, but it will be coming down Sunday.


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