Fishing pole antenna parts breakdown

This is the parts breakdown for the fishing pole antenna. If the links get stall let me know and I'll update them.

Fishing pole antenna (part 2)

I have cut my wire from 33ft to 25ft to match another antenna design.  So far my first contact has been Indonesia. I have a 4:1 balun and a ugly balun to see if I can get more joy from the SWR department with much success. I have also added 4 33ft radials from the single testing one.

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The fishing pole antenna

Not working the way I planned, but working the way I expected. It's 33.5 ft up and 33.5 f back down in a helical fashion. But 80m is untunable. I'll probably set this up in the back of the truck and use the truck for a radial. I'll still be able to get 80m in an inverted L configuration.  I'll do a video on how I pull off that feat. (part 2 here)

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Article on How Many Radials do you really need

I found this article on radials and thought it was interesting on figure 2 the diminishing returns after 16 radials. So what happens if the lengths are divided by half and the number increased by two fold? Like a town house apartment scenario. Similar to my back yard being nesting in on a corner lot. I might test that over the weekend.


Experimental Determination of Ground System Performance for HF Verticals Part 4 How Many Radials Does My Vertical Really Need?

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