The fishing pole antenna

Not working the way I planned, but working the way I expected. It's 33.5 ft up and 33.5 f back down in a helical fashion. But 80m is untunable. I'll probably set this up in the back of the truck and use the truck for a radial. I'll still be able to get 80m in an inverted L configuration.  I'll do a video on how I pull off that feat. (part 2 here)

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Article on How Many Radials do you really need

I found this article on radials and thought it was interesting on figure 2 the diminishing returns after 16 radials. So what happens if the lengths are divided by half and the number increased by two fold? Like a town house apartment scenario. Similar to my back yard being nesting in on a corner lot. I might test that over the weekend.


Experimental Determination of Ground System Performance for HF Verticals Part 4 How Many Radials Does My Vertical Really Need?

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New Antenna

I picked up a new antenna over the weekend. The Hy-gain AV14AVQ  It was a bit pricey for what it was, but the R&D was already done and parts sourced. So all I had to do was assemble. 10,15,20 are flat, but 40 is at 2, which isn't bad but still has room for improvement. I'm going to fab a fold-over mount to make the adjustments easier. There is marginal gains from it compared to the inverted V dipole. Not enough to justify the price. However the limited height keeps it out of reach of my weather neck and power transmission lines no matter how it could get knocked over. So that makes it worth it. I'll call BS on the ability to withstand 80mph winds. Not in this universe. If you get one you will want guy ropes. I'm going to 3D print some bushings to fill the lower part of the bells to stabilize it. Then maybe it could with stand 80mph winds, but still going to have guy ropes. I might be stupid, but not retarded.

Addendum: I will post the 3D files on thingaverse when I design them. Under the username Trencher42

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