Cheap 40m Dipole

There are probably cheaper ways of doing this, but I had these parts on hand.

  • 2 section of fence top rail
  • 1 antenna mounting bracket
  • 1 little pulley
  • 1 make shift hanger for the top to hold the pulley
  • All the above can be substituted with a tall tree or a pair of them, or more for even kewler antennas. 
  • 66 feet of 14 THHN Stranded wire or anything really. You could use nylon coated wire rope. Just factor in the velocity spec which may be a foot in one direction of the other. I already had a 500 foot spool, and I didn't use any of that. I took all the short pieces I had and soldered them all together to make a pair of 33's. Don't run your hand down these bad boys.
  • And the magic of it all is a Jetstream 4:1 Balun that keeps it all happy. Calum M0MCX has a nifty SWR calculator for excel to dial it in.

That's pretty much it. Mine is up 6.5m in the middle and 3m on each end. You will need a tuner with it. Should be close to 1:1 on 40m though. If you had two 51 foot lines and 30-34 foot of ladder line you'd have a G5RV or two 25.5 foot pieces and 15-17 feet of ladder a G5RV Junior. Neither of the last two require a balun. Ugly balun yes or a bunch of ferrite beads as you can almost see in the picture by the balun.

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Fishing pole antenna parts breakdown

This is the parts breakdown for the fishing pole antenna. If the links get stall let me know and I'll update them.

Fishing pole antenna (part 2)

I have cut my wire from 33ft to 25ft to match another antenna design.  So far my first contact has been Indonesia. I have a 4:1 balun and a ugly balun to see if I can get more joy from the SWR department with much success. I have also added 4 33ft radials from the single testing one.

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