Fishing Pole Antenna (Part 3)

I thought I had made breakdowns for all my antenna projects, but I guess I was just sending them in emails to people that asked for them. Here's the loadout for the Fishing pole antenna. This started as a 53' end fed vee with a 9:1 unun that branched into two different antenna. Project29 and this.

  1. Caribeaners from a hamfest somewhere. Irving I think. 3$
  2. Paracord from Dollar Tree 3$
  3. Shakespeare 20' Crappie pole from Amazon 20$
  4. Landscape stakes from Lowes 9$
  5. Guy ring made poly-carbonate golf car windshield 0$
  6. rope tensioners made from poly-carbonate golf car windshields 0$ (Check out these alternate tensioners)
  7. 22gu stained wire at 29ft length. 11$ 100' roll  on Amazon (Not seen)
  8. 9:1 Unun 0$ Donated to the project by Craig Coley WB5KUO (Not seen) the exact model ebay listing

There's also a couple of jubilee clamps to keep it from collapsing from guy rope tension. Also I have 4 bundles of 8 1m radials that I use on everything portable I have. Pet boarder fence wire is super cheap for this.