The end feed that became a vertical

I started this afternoon testing various end fed wire antennas when I hit 29ft with a 9:1 being to be the perfect combo with 50ft of coax and a ugly balun at the beginning. Then I got to thinking of the antenna Gary gave me and the extra bits too. So I stacked a 29ft aluminium mast and stuck the 9:1 on it. It worked pretty good albeit very directional. So I'll test again with my fans of 1m radials. Nice to put something together that actually works for a change and zero maths applied to it. 

So the chain goes like this right now

Radio -> coax -> ugly balun -> 50ft coax -> 9:1 Unun -> 29.5ft aluminium straight up. 

Note: I needed that ugly balun there so the coax shielding reflection would work as a counterpoise for the antenna. That's why it was very directional.

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