MagLoop testing (part 1)

This is the first test in the line of probably many. I have spent quite a bit of money playing around with failed antennas. So this time around I'm trying to almost solely use junk to prove it works first. I got a few variable caps from Milton the other day, unfortunately they just weren't big enough for this project. However they do work for fine tuning. The cheapest cap I could find online for power was 55$. Nope, not spending 55$ to find out it really doesn't work. So I came up with this idea for a capacitor. Not sure what it's capacitance is as the battery in my meter went dead this morning while testing it. It currently works only on 20m even though it's design is for 40m. Later today I'll setup in the yard to test it on battery power. Maybe try the LiFePO4 batteries too.

I did take it to the yard and got one QSO with AF6O in California. That was the point I realized I wasn't feeling very good and packed it all up and went back inside.

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