Next project - Mag Loop Antenna VU3GAO

This is the next antenna I'm building. The only piece I need is the variable cap. I plan on making the frame from PVC that fits in my tripod and making it remote tune-able 

I'm grabbing this now as we all know how the life expectancy of a tripod website. Remember geocities, 

PDF here

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UPDATE: Math from 66Pacific which I will try first before committing to the original design I found. I'll make a second loop to get me 80m and if it fails then build another 40m and sell it as such.

Antenna efficiency: 36% (-4.4 dB below 100%)
Antenna bandwidth: 15.4 kHz
Tuning Capacitance: 122 pF

Capacitor voltage: 2,912 volts RMS
Resonant circulating current: 15.6 A
Radiation resistance: 0.074 ohms
Loss Resistance: 0.132 ohms
Inductance: 4.25 microhenrys
Inductive Reactance: 187 ohms
Quality Factor (Q): 454
Distributed capacity: 16 pF

Antenna "circumference": 20 feet

Loop antenna Side length: 2.50 feet

Antenna diameter: 6.0 feet

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