OCFD Windom Antenna

Well I revisited the inverted v dipole I had previously made and with the help of a couple of calculators came up with an off center feed dipole. But this time instead of cutting my wire to the length required I started from the terminals of the 4:1 jetstream balun to the receiving part of the dogbone.  One element 23' 2" 3/8 and the other element 46' 3" 5/8 and holy smokes what a difference. 40m, 20m and 10m I get 1:1 SWRs. Which really doesn't mean much as my can-o-dummy gets 1:1. I haven't had a chance to test it's range. Nor have I plotted it in MMANA. This was just an impulse brain fart. But I calculated 1/3 wave for 7.074 and doubled that for the other side. Before that I was trying to find a happy middle between digital and phone, but that's a difference of 3 feet from end to end. And neither side feeling the joy of resonance. So since I do more digital I sided with the lengths for digital modes. I may fire up the smelter furnace and do some lost PLA casting to make an octopus antenna using ham stix this summer for my next project.

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