Cheap 40m Dipole

There are probably cheaper ways of doing this, but I had these parts on hand.

  • 2 section of fence top rail
  • 1 antenna mounting bracket
  • 1 little pulley
  • 1 make shift hanger for the top to hold the pulley
  • All the above can be substituted with a tall tree or a pair of them, or more for even kewler antennas. 
  • 66 feet of 14 THHN Stranded wire or anything really. You could use nylon coated wire rope. Just factor in the velocity spec which may be a foot in one direction of the other. I already had a 500 foot spool, and I didn't use any of that. I took all the short pieces I had and soldered them all together to make a pair of 33's. Don't run your hand down these bad boys.
  • And the magic of it all is a Jetstream 4:1 Balun that keeps it all happy. Calum M0MCX has a nifty SWR calculator for excel to dial it in.

That's pretty much it. Mine is up 6.5m in the middle and 3m on each end. You will need a tuner with it. Should be close to 1:1 on 40m though. If you had two 51 foot lines and 30-34 foot of ladder line you'd have a G5RV or two 25.5 foot pieces and 15-17 feet of ladder a G5RV Junior. Neither of the last two require a balun. Ugly balun yes or a bunch of ferrite beads as you can almost see in the picture by the balun.

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