Slinky Antenna Revisited

It was this or spend 27$ at HRO for a hamstick. Mmmm, that sounds kind of tasty right now. Need to check the fridge for some hickory farms snacks. Anyhow, back to this. I'm kind of short on cash at the moment. So I revisited this old idea. Build list is as follows.

  • This is the same fishing pole from field day. 20' Shakespear crappie pole.
  • The two slinkys I've had for awhile, but originally got from Wally World. I used to take them with me whenever my wife would want to go shopping. I will play with them on the escalators. Nothing like a little embarassment to hurry the shopping experience along. Pretty handy not having any couth or be embarassed by doing retarded things or just oblivous to such things. Being retarded helps.
  • A 9:1 Unun from China, given to me by Craig WB5KUO.
  • The tripod was from M&M Wholesalers.
  • A bunch of little things from the junk box.
  • And the pièce de résistance one of my 25' tape measures for the counterpoise. Easily adjustable and easily stowed in my bag. I wish I had thought of this sooner. 

No idea if it works. It receives awesomely.

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