Who'd a thought

That I would be making a TV antenna from hangers again, but here I am. My Ham Shack aka Garage has a TV(Non-smart) in it. And I have been finding myself troughing in there more than in the house. So I made this to watch the news in the morning. Works pretty good. I managed to tune in 67 stations. 

The Ghetto Fan Dipole

I decided to try this one more time. This time I lined them up  I might need to get a bit longer pipe and put a little more space between them.  SWR's on the NanoVNA show nothing over 1.8. 80m,40m,20m MFJ hamstiks. Noise is completely gone, but now I have to boost the incoming signal.

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Upgrade to the VHF/UHF Antenna mast

Made it from one stick of thin super-strut. Next time I attempt something like this I will use the normal thickness stuff. When I was done it was a bit flimsy. I had 4 foot left so I cut it in half and sandwiched them together with 3/8's bolts. The antenna on the left(Open stub j-pole) goes to my FTM400 and the antenna on the right(Tram 1480) goes to my FTM100 that is slave to my HRI200. I ended up buying another FTM100 since a radio had to be sacrificed to the Yaesu gods for the HRI200 to work.

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Relocated the VHF/UHF Antenna

When I moved it from the chimney to the attic I didn't think there would be a problem. However that apparently that wasn't the case. It's literally been raised 5ft now. I think I really should have did this to begin with a year ago.

Slinky Antenna Failed

Well the Slinky antenna failed. Seems I went through this before and failed. Anyhow yesterday when it was almost dark I slapped up a 53ft endfed. I scabbed together a bunch of pieces of 14thhn until I hit the magical 53ft. Took the 9:1 unun from the slinky antenna. Then I climbed the tree again for my rope and bungie. I hope it doesn't matter that the source is higher than the end. It's going south-south-east to north-north-east. Maybe this will work for Tuesday.

Dangit. I keep forgetting about that phone box hanging by it's wires.

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