New Rack Case

I crammed everything into a new rack case and it's so much lighter now.

GoBox update

Well I took the Alinco out of my go box and installed a FT-891. Also picked up a Signalink audio interface. Only con I have run into is how the ATU interface works. But I'll have that sussed out Saturday from HRO at HamCom. I might try and find a 2U box to put this in too. The 945 isn't really needed as there's an SWR meter on the radio. And the drawer weights a ton.

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Baofeng/Pofung Squelch Settings

If you have a UV5R radio you know out of the box the squelch settings are wrong. There are fixes here and there and do work in a perfect world. However the world is not perfect and for me even less so. I have a cell tower within a block and a half from me and street lights that the city say are not monitored remotely, but are monitored remotely. And then I have all manor of electronic devices around me. So this little radio will waste it's juice airing different radio bursts that I don't really want to hear. So this was my numeric fix for this crappy little radio. So far I'm riding on setting 6 at work.

You'll notice I didn't go to 100%. Yeah after 65% if you're not standing on top of the person you're not hearing them.

Addendum: I call the radio crappy but don't get me wrong. I like this little radio and all it's little brothers and sisters I have in my junk drawer. Best 20$ I ever spent. It got me into amateur radio. And if I loose it, get's damaged or it goes scuba diving in the toilet I truly don't care. 20$ and it's replaced. Just like my budget Craig Action Cam(GoPro look alike), do you want to loose 400$ or 15$ on the milsim battlefield?

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Ham Go-Box plans/ideas (Part 3) Ghetto Style

What you didn't see because of the flash was the fact that you couldn't see the controls of the sound module or the radio interface. I have solved this with one of the lights I picked up for the gun cabinet. It has a few disco modes, but will do just plain white too. Then again who doesn't like to shake their ass from time to time. Take me to funky town.

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Ham Go-Box plans/ideas (Part 2)

Not quite finished but functional. I'll probably get another sound card that is much smaller, but I doubt I'll beat 10$ for it. I'll most likely move the battery meter above the tuner and put my FT-8900 clone there in that small hole. It looks messy, but it's got industrial strength velcro and zip tied pretty snug. The radio doesn't have velcro or zip ties. It's got M5 holding to 2" aluminum angle and drill and tapped bolted to the rack shelf. It is very secure.  I'll probably use piano hinge and make fold up wood doors just for extra protection and to act as a sun visor, but It's ready for camping next month. 

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