My Bike RIdes

My Strava profile can be found here.

My Ride with GPS Profile can be found here.

I also try to turn my APRS tracking on for real time ride tracking.

Radio Frequencies

  • 444.1 K5FTW If I can reach it.
  • 439.525 My Wires-X repeater in Burleson, TX
  • Texas-Nexus on System Fusion

Our Bikes (Pics don't accurately reflect the bikes after upgrades.)

Katrina's Bike


Huffy Amsterdam Gravity?


  • Cruiser handlebars
  • Pedals from the Ecotric
  • Seat from the Ecotric
  • New Chain
  • Fake Shimano ST-EF51


1974 Vista 26 Women's bike

2020-02-27 No mods to this bike at all. It will be getting the pannier rack from my bike if I can install it without scratching it. 

2020-03-01 One mod. New Bell pedals not original style and new chain.

My Bike

Ecotric 36V 26IN Electric MTN eBike (More up to date mods list)

# Mods

Duncan's Bike

Next Plush 26

Now has a 26" Mongoose (pictures later)

# The only thing done to this bike when we got it was put on a new chain, added a tourney shifter and disabled the primary derailleur. Everything else is stock.

Gavin's (Goob) Bike

Magna 26 Mtn Bike

This bike is a hodge podge of parts. Mostly stuff from AA scrap iron in Cleburne. Base bike donated by Marcus Smith. 

# Mods

This is where you can find my other ramblings