Contests/Events Coming Up

November 2019
CLICK HERE Ukrainian DX Contest1200Z, Nov 2 to 1200Z, Nov 3
CLICK HERE ARRL Sweepstakes Contest, CW2100Z, Nov 2 to 0300Z, Nov 4
CLICK HERE High Speed Club CW Contest0900Z-1100Z, Nov 3 and 1500Z-1700Z, Nov 3
CLICK HERE WAE DX Contest, RTTY0000Z, Nov 9 to 2359Z, Nov 10
CLICK HERE 10-10 Int. Fall Contest, Digital0001Z, Nov 9 to 2359Z, Nov 10
CLICK HERE JIDX Phone Contest0700Z, Nov 9 to 1300Z, Nov 10
CLICK HERE SARL VHF/UHF Analogue Contest1000Z, Nov 9 to 1000Z, Nov 10
CLICK HERE OK/OM DX Contest, CW1200Z, Nov 9 to 1200Z, Nov 10
CLICK HERE CQ-WE Contest1900Z, Nov 9 to 0500Z, Nov 11
CLICK HERE YO International PSK31 Contest1600Z-2200Z, Nov 15
CLICK HERE ARRL EME Contest0000Z, Nov 16 to 2359Z, Nov 17
CLICK HERE SARL Field Day Contest1000Z, Nov 16 to 1000Z, Nov 17
CLICK HERE LZ DX Contest1200Z, Nov 16 to 1200Z, Nov 17
CLICK HERE All Austrian 160-Meter Contest1600Z, Nov 16 to 0700Z, Nov 17
CLICK HERE RSGB 1.8 MHz Contest1900Z-2300Z, Nov 16
CLICK HERE ARRL Sweepstakes Contest, SSB2100Z, Nov 16 to 0300Z, Nov 18
CLICK HERE CQ Worldwide DX Contest, CW0000Z, Nov 23 to 2400Z, Nov 24
CLICK HERE Russian WW MultiMode Contest1200Z, Nov 30 to 1159Z, Dec 1
December 2019
CLICK HERE DARC Christmas Contest0830Z-1059Z, Dec 1
CLICK HERE ARRL 160-Meter Contest2200Z, Dec 6 to 1600Z, Dec 8
CLICK HERE Wake-Up! QRP Sprint0600Z-0800Z, Dec 7
CLICK HERE TOPS Activity Contest1600Z, Dec 7 to 1559Z, Dec 8
CLICK HERE ARRL 10-Meter Contest0000Z, Dec 14 to 2400Z, Dec 15
CLICK HERE AGB-Party Contest2100Z-2400Z, Dec 20
CLICK HERE OK DX RTTY Contest0000Z-2400Z, Dec 21
CLICK HERE Croatian CW Contest1400Z, Dec 21 to 1400Z, Dec 22
CLICK HERE ARRL Rookie Roundup, CW1800Z-2359Z, Dec 22
CLICK HERE RAC Winter Contest0000Z-2359Z, Dec 28
CLICK HERE Stew Perry Topband Challenge1500Z, Dec 28 to 1500Z, Dec 29
CLICK HERE RAEM Contest0000Z-1159Z, Dec 29
January 2020
CLICK HERE AGB New Year Snowball Contest0000Z-0100Z, Jan 1
CLICK HERE SARTG New Year RTTY Contest0800Z-1100Z, Jan 1
CLICK HERE AGCW Happy New Year Contest0900Z-1200Z, Jan 1
CLICK HERE WW PMC Contest1200Z, Jan 4 to 1200Z, Jan 5
CLICK HERE ARRL RTTY Roundup1800Z, Jan 4 to 2400Z, Jan 5
CLICK HERE EUCW 160m Contest2000Z, Jan 4 to 0700Z, Jan 5
CLICK HERE UBA PSK63 Prefix Contest1200Z, Jan 11 to 1159Z, Jan 12
CLICK HERE North American QSO Party, CW1800Z, Jan 11 to 0600Z, Jan 12
CLICK HERE NRAU-Baltic Contest, CW0630Z-0830Z, Jan 12
CLICK HERE DARC 10-Meter Contest0900Z-1059Z, Jan 12
CLICK HERE NRAU-Baltic Contest, SSB0900Z-1100Z, Jan 12
CLICK HERE Midwinter Contest1000Z-1400Z, Jan 12
CLICK HERE LZ Open Contest0000Z-0400Z, Jan 18
CLICK HERE Hungarian DX Contest1200Z, Jan 18 to 1200Z, Jan 19
CLICK HERE North American QSO Party, SSB1800Z, Jan 18 to 0600Z, Jan 19
CLICK HERE ARRL January VHF Contest1900Z, Jan 18 to 0359Z, Jan 20
CLICK HERE CQ 160-Meter Contest, CW2200Z, Jan 24 to 2159Z, Jan 26
CLICK HERE REF Contest, CW0600Z, Jan 25 to 1800Z, Jan 26
CLICK HERE BARTG RTTY Sprint1200Z, Jan 25 to 1200Z, Jan 26
CLICK HERE UBA DX Contest, SSB1300Z, Jan 25 to 1300Z, Jan 26
CLICK HERE Winter Field Day1700Z, Jan 25 to 1700Z, Jan 26

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