300$ Boat Project: Transom Woes

I haven't taken allot of pictures or video of this part, but here's where I'm at with the transom. I didn't really want to do it this way, but I was down to this point where the wood wasn't being so forgiving to come out.  I did manage to get the piece I cut out cleaned and patched up and ready to put back in. I have the same oyster color top coat coming in to cover it all up when I'm done. I won't have much use for the rest of the can of paint so I'm going to try a small amount and test if my micro pearls will mix with it and be stable. If so I'm going to pull all the stainless hardware off and all five of us are going to spend a little time sanding and taping off the top of this boat. I'll try to get as close as I can to the base colour of the top without the glitter. If I document it like I do my worms I should be able to replicate the colour over and over when damage occurs.

This morning while I was waiting for the temperature to come up for all this joyful time I cleaned off the surface of my desk. Been along time since I've seen the wood tone.

Pictures here

300$ Boat Project: Seat replacement issues

Since I picked this boat up I have been beating my head trying to figure out how I'm remove the seat bolts to change them. Wifey came out while we were doing carpet when I brought the subject up. I went through the speil of all the ways I can't get the bolts. After all that she reaches over and flips the seat up on it's hinge and says "these bolts?". I wondered why there was a tub crammed under passenger seat. Not sure how I missed the fact they were mounted on hinges. ugh!

Images here


300$ Boat Project: Rotten Transom

I knew there was going to be a bit of rot, but wasn't expecting this much. No worries though, it just makes the job easier and less worry later on down the road.

300$ Boat Project: Bits and Bobbles

This is just a montage of stuff I did over the weekend. A few hours of random footage crammed down into a short video. I'll put a better video together when rewire my rewire with better gauge wire. I just don't feel comfortable with the trailer wire for the harness. I think some 7-way neoprene jacketed trailer wire will be better. I can use the 10g black and white for the switch panel feed, The 14g Red, brown, green, and yellow for the switches, and the 12g blue for the bilge.

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