300$ Boat Project: Non-RAM Mount

I was looking around in old parts boxes today when I found these really kewl hinges. I examined them for a bit and right before I tossed them back in the box I had an epiphany. Instead of spending 60-70$ on a RAM mount why don't I just build my own. I needed some thing that wouldn't tear the cover when it was on, so this is what I came up with. I still lack a locking mechanism. I was thinking about a sliding window sash lock or touch catch.

More pics here.

300$ Boat Project: Transom Restoration

The transom is pretty much done.  I used rust-oleum marine topcoat in oyster white and mixed in about 3/4 bottle of Castin'craft brown pigment. It was meant for polyesters and epoxy so I figured it would work in this application. I got as close as I could get to the boat's base colour. It has two coats here. Tomorrow I'll sand it a bit and roller the final coat.

See more pics here.

Boat Project 2021

2020-12-10 Preliminary Pictures

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2021-02-04 300$ Boat Project: Rotten Transom  (VIDEO)

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2021-02-21 300$ Boat Project: Transom Woes

2021-03-03 300$ Boat Project: Carbon-Core (VIDEO)

2021-03-08 300$ Boat Project: Transom Restoration

2021-03-17 300$ Boat Project: Little Things (VIDEO)

300$ Boat Project: Carbon-Core

Cleaned out the rotten transom and filled it with carbon-core. It's a short video mostly in high speed. They'll get more detailed when we're back in the boat working, Next part of the repairs will involve the 3D printer.

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