Blue on Black

Here's my second batch of worms in a dark charcoal blue with blue/black/silver flake to make it pop.

Castin'Craft, Black Opaque : x21 drops
Castin'Craft, Blue Opaque : x20 drops
Hobby Lobby, Glitter, Black 1/24 flake : 1/2 TSPN
Hobby Lobby, Glitter, Blue 1/24 flake : 1/2 TSPN
Hobby Lobby, Glitter, Silver 1/24 flake : 1/2 TSPN
Dead-on Plastics Plastisol Worm Blend : 1 Cups

Images are very dark and I don't know how to brighten them up.

I also made some worms with the left over pyrex pucks from these batches and all my remelt batches. I will dub these "Dirty Bastards". Future pours of this color will never be the same. Maybe darker and more hideous.