2020 Fishing

My Fishing Expeditions

(The 29th is when I started fishing golf, score 0)

Current Score : 14 under par

Rules (so far)

  • If you do not fish you neither gain nor loose points.
  • If you get skunked that counts as -1 towards your total.
  • Catching only one fish will give you par or the same as not fishing that day. 
  • Anything over 1 counts towards your score. (this may change later)

Possible upcoming changes

  • single fish catches on an expedition might count towards score if enough people play.
  • each fish needs a photo. Not hard at all. I have a chest mount go(feux)pro that cost less than 20$. 
  • Currently weight doesn't matter, but could change if we get really good.
  • Any fish could change to target fish or different points for different targets. I don't know, just an idea at this point.

Send ideas to Brian Collins

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