First mods to the Outlaw 11.5

Aside from getting a nasty sunburn I took my kayak out last Saturday. In that time I found some flaws .

  • The kayak is very heavy and I need to build a cart for it. (Jaun Rico is making that this week)
  • My toolbox straps had to be removed every time I open it. (Moved them down lower and am installing an Antenna.)
  • Anchor cleat was too far away (Moved closer up the gear track)
  • No nav lights (Wasn't night, but technically under way is day or night)
  • Battery pack got wet in the front of the boot (I have hatches coming Friday will put them inside the boat)
  • anchor was too light. Need to be heavier and have a leader chain. (Picking up a 5lb Friday)

One thing you can't see is there is an anchor trolley for changing the position of the boat when the anchor is deployed.

More Images Here

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