New Arrivals from Amazon

I received some stuff from Amazon for the boat Tuesday and here's what they brought.

  • LED trailer lights
  • Switch panel
  • inline fuses and fuses
  • Trolling motor switch
  • Water level switch
  • Boat buckles
  • Blue lights
  • Trolling motor socket

Boat Project - Sketchy

I got a little done on the boat last weekend. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I got the bunk boards ready. Friday the cover came in and stretched that over to not look so crappy in the neighborhood. Saturday we pulled off this sketchy prop/jack job on the boat to install the bunk boards. While we had it out we painted it with a roller with some tractor paint. Came out fairly good too. Trailer just needs lights, bushes and 3 wheels and tires.  Saturday night I broke my middle toe on my left foot because someone left a box in my path when I was barefoot. Sunday I got some carpet on four of the desk lids and dropped the battery in for testing. I also broke the seat pedestals free from the seat bases and got those cleaned up. So I just need 4 seats, instead of  4 seats and other hardware. That's a win. Started getting the trolling motor mount ready for install. I just have to trace out the hole locations so I don't have to drill any more holes. And that's where I'm at so far.

More pictures here.

300$ Bass Boat Project

This has been a work in process just to get the boat here. The title was in limbo and had to be filed from the previous owner to the new owner, and now I'll have to do it for myself next. Hopefully that will go smoothly as it did for Mark. We still need to find a motor for it and do some minor work. At first we weren't going to do much except to make it sea worthy, but now we're thinking of patching it up and re-gel coating the top to look nicer. We were going to put SeaDek on it, but will probably just do outdoor carpet from Lowes. First thing I really need to do is get this boat off the trailer so I can fix the runners.

New video here

Images before the purchase can be found here. Better pictures will happen when it dries out from the snow.

2020 Fishing

My Fishing Expeditions

(The 29th is when I started fishing golf, score 0)

Current Score : 14 under par

Rules (so far)

  • If you do not fish you neither gain nor loose points.
  • If you get skunked that counts as -1 towards your total.
  • Catching only one fish will give you par or the same as not fishing that day. 
  • Anything over 1 counts towards your score. (this may change later)

Possible upcoming changes

  • single fish catches on an expedition might count towards score if enough people play.
  • each fish needs a photo. Not hard at all. I have a chest mount go(feux)pro that cost less than 20$. 
  • Currently weight doesn't matter, but could change if we get really good.
  • Any fish could change to target fish or different points for different targets. I don't know, just an idea at this point.

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