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R2D2 , C3PO, batteries and chargers oh my

After seeing the battery life on the FT3D not make it a day on the first day I ordered these from Amazon. I have the CD-41 from HRO at home, but figured I'd get one for my desk at work. I got these a week ago and have been bouncing back and forth between the both of them. I can't find any faults with them. The battery doesn't have the springy clip like the factory one does, but it only make it a slight bit more difficult to remove from my molle rigs. The charger comes with the wall wart and is 12v 1a so you don't want to use this wall wart with the radio directly. A cost savings of 61$. 
Charger with wall wart 24$ original 38$
Battery 2200mah 33$ original 80$

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