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Coming Soon: The Caballero Project

Not the first time I've worked on this Caballero. My Dad's last in a great line of El Camino's and Caballero's. This has allot already done to it, but it still desperately needs help. 


  • New upper and lower control arms
  • New shocks
  • New draglink
  • New tie rods
  • New idle arm
  • New rear air shocks
  • New tires
  • Rebuilt Rochester Quadra-bog (might get a 750 dbl pumper)
  • New alternator
  • New ac compressor
  • New ac lines
  • New windscreen washer and tank


  • Steering sector
  • Rag-joint
  • Steering wheel (Absolutely nasty with human slime)
  • Brake hoses, all five (they feel swollen)
  • Drums, discs, pads and shoes
  • Door hinge pins and bushings 
  • Door striker bolt

assessment still ongoing.

Images here

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