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Boat Project 2021

2020-12-10 Preliminary Pictures

2021-01-09 300$ Bass Boat Project (VIDEO)

2021-01-16 Boat Project - Sketchy

2021-01-18 Trolling Motor Mount

2021-01-19 Raining Slow day: Rod Hatching Carpet

2021-01-20 New Arrivals from Amazon (VIDEO)

2021-01-26 EZ-Troll trolling motor tillerbar

2021-01-28 300$ Boat Project: Bits and Bobbles  (VIDEO)

2021-02-04 300$ Boat Project: Rotten Transom  (VIDEO)

2021-02-04 300$ Boat Project: Seat replacement issues

2021-02-10 300$ Boat Project: Depth Finder install  (VIDEO)

2021-02-21 300$ Boat Project: Transom Woes

300$ Boat Project: Trolling Motor Mount

I have my 50$ Minn Kota(53#) from the Kayak project so I decided rather than buy a new fancy foot control motor I'll just use that one. I tried to find an E-Z Troll arm for it, but I think I'm just going to have to make that myself. No idea how low the bow sets in the water so not sure if the motor is even going to work. 

More pictures here.

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