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Ham Shack (Update 1)

I can see the floor! It's been a long time since I've been able to do that. I still have more drywall to mess with and butter boards to put up, but it's getting closer to done. All the boxes that were in there got moved to the shed. Unfortunately the lawn tractor got kicked out to live in a tent.

More images here

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TSPOTA 2019 (Wash Out)

These pictures were taken on Friday night. Not sure how my camera makes it look like day. The next day was peaceful with a little mist and I made one contact in the contest on PSK31 when everything went sideways, literally, The rain came down and literally blasted off the water proof material off the roof before squashing me poor tent from the 70's to the ground. And then continued to pound it into the earth for an hour before letting up long enough to pick up the pieces. After we picked everything up we just packed and headed back home. Overall a rather crappy trip.

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