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Who I am

ULS and other logbooks show me as Aaron, but I go by my middle name Brian.

I've been in the DFW Metroplex since the mid 80's. Before that all over the world. I got into the communications medium then by hosting Club CPU BBS and running Hub 1000. At that time I was connecting the Mac's to the PC's in fidonet. I got into CB's for a time and after I got a little older got lost off in a few(many) different theaters(in all different walks of life) before reaching my early mid 30's to finally settle down in Burleson and start raising a family. Now I spend my free time either on the radio, making music or doing airsoft milsims for fun with my children.

My current rig:

  • Radio : Alinco DX-SR8T and TYT TH-9800(desk) QYT KT-8900D(truck)
  • MFJ-945E Manual Tuner, Homemade sound interface. Not the module in the picture anymore.
  • Antenna : HyGain AV14AVQ see antenna here, 40m Shakespear fishing pole see here, Open stub j-pole see here

All this(minus the 2m/70cm) is crammed in a homemade 4u portable rack. (rack not made by me) It's made of of wood and kit rails and angle brackets. The high denier outer skin is an unknown. Picked it up at the Irving Hamfest 2019 for 25$ see here for that day


My Frequencies

I can be found on 444.100 during drive time. However I usually have one of my radios on all the time. I will usually will be just lurking while working on my projects around the house or at work. Or check me out on QRZ for my contact information.

On HF I'm usually on FT8 or PSK31 on the 40m or 20m bands. I may do phone eventually, but don't feel confident enough for that yet.

My Logbooks

I keep logs with these entities.


My Favorite SItes

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Digital Modes

My Sketches, Drawings and Schematics

Ham Go-Box plans/ideas

Everything is to scale except the Anderson SB50. I don't need the VHF/UHF since there's one in the truck, but I plan on this staying in the box and using it on my desk like this. I'll add an powered XLR, Midland, and 1/4 jacks. So far everything I have except the 1U rack plate. I might use aluminum angle in it's place. That I have. Ideas, comments please. 

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Irving Hamfest 2019 (March)

Picked up allot of goodies when we were there. 

Picked up this MBox mini for 10$. Guy said it didn't work, but works just fine when you set it up right. Many reasons why I don't use M-Audio for my recording gear, but for this application it's perfect. The Scarlet doesn't have to do double duty anymore.

Read more: Irving Hamfest 2019 (March)



This is where you can find my other ramblings