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Garage Remodel

The wall has been built and now we're fixing the drywall and upgrading the electric. Here's the SER wire for the branch panel. You might think this is over kill, but I'm also installing an air conditioner and a tankless water heater too. I got all my radio gear moved to the garage and checking current draw from different devices. I get done with the drywall I may pay someone to do the tape and beding.

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Holy Smokes - These things are awesome!

I was going to make some rope tensioners when I thought maybe Amazon has something cheap that I wouldn't have to waste good poly-carbonate and get a heat stroke in the garage. Then I found these. 7$ and came same day. I was a little disappointed when they came in. They came in a large jiffy pack and the contents were smaller than the palm of my hand. The first cord was a struggle as it was the larger normal size, but worked well. The rest of the cords were the smaller 25ft ones I bought at Dollar Tree and they fit perfect. Took about 10 minutes to string up all 6 cords on my 29ft end feed vertical, but took only a few seconds to get the vertical straight. Very good buy.

Amazon link here

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