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Battery Box (part 1)

I've been meaning to work on this since field day, but haven't had a chance to get on it. Here's what I have for a start so far. I had most everything except the wood. I drew it up in CAD to get the most space with the least amount of wood. The latches I got from some forgotten unstarted project. The hinge I found in the bed of a golf car in the bone yard. Handles came off one of my homemade rack mounts. Total investment so far is 33$ for three pieces of 1x12x48 pine. 

These are the same batteries I was using from field day. I managed to get 4 more from the ebay inventory. The plan is four will be for radio ops and the other four soully for the invertor. 

I'm going to pick up some paint next, whip out my detail air brush, stencils and make it look like an ammo crate. Or maybe camo like I did my VSR.

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My Childhood

I probably mentioned this story before to my friends, but to the folks that are new to the site. Many years ago in the mid 70's I found a radio just like this one in the trash. I took it home and tore it apart and then reassembled it. Only to find that it worked afterwards. In south Texas at the time there wasn't allot of options for TV and radio, but I had found this one station that at 10pm would play radio serials and these were those serial (link below). From there on I was bringing all manor of junk home and learning and building new things just for the end result. It was like junkie needing a fix. It just snowballed from there to where I am today.


Server Wall Done (Mostly)

Well I have the server wall mostly done in the ham shack and functioning. I still have a bunch of camera work to do. Rewire and replacement of many. It might seem like overkill, but does have a purpose. It's identical to my job. I can do testing here before releasing into my production environment. 

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Garage Remodel (Wiring Part 2)

Well running the wire was a breeze. Took about 5 minutes in total. Bending this stuff was a little more demanding, but I got it installed. Had a bit of a scare when I found the 10g feed was melted. Not sure what caused that. Total draw on the garage is 16 amps.

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