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Irving Hamfest 2019 (March)

Picked up allot of goodies when we were there. 

Picked up this MBox mini for 10$. Guy said it didn't work, but works just fine when you set it up right. Many reasons why I don't use M-Audio for my recording gear, but for this application it's perfect. The Scarlet doesn't have to do double duty anymore.

Picked up this Comet Z780 for 20$. A bit high, but I'm tired of my Tram picket fencing a signal that should be clear.


Got this little foot switch for my truck. I'll install this when I figure out what I did to my vehicle mic. 2$


Got these cheap for my guy ropes.


This was the golden goose and saved me a trip to the music store to find a short airline case. I'll have to shift the tray back a bit and do some structural strengthening and add a front door, but this will be perfect for my gobox. 25$ for it. The two 1U shelf racks are 20$ each on Amazon. 


All in all I think I made out like bandit.

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