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Server Wall Done (Mostly)

Well I have the server wall mostly done in the ham shack and functioning. I still have a bunch of camera work to do. Rewire and replacement of many. It might seem like overkill, but does have a purpose. It's identical to my job. I can do testing here before releasing into my production environment. 

Two parallel 24v banks of AGM batteries. Not sure how long this will run. I know it will run for a whole day on two batteries

Old busted patch panel that had a few good stones left in it. My managed switch and my security camera DVR.

My firewall appliance, charter cable box, R710 server and wireless AP. Have two more of these AP's clustered in the house.

Hmm. When I say Identical I mean in setup, not in hardware. These are old seconds and spares from the job or stuff too questionable to be put into production.

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