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Server Wall Done (Mostly)

Well I have the server wall mostly done in the ham shack and functioning. I still have a bunch of camera work to do. Rewire and replacement of many. It might seem like overkill, but does have a purpose. It's identical to my job. I can do testing here before releasing into my production environment. 

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Garage Remodel (Wiring Part 2)

Well running the wire was a breeze. Took about 5 minutes in total. Bending this stuff was a little more demanding, but I got it installed. Had a bit of a scare when I found the 10g feed was melted. Not sure what caused that. Total draw on the garage is 16 amps.

Garage Remodel

The wall has been built and now we're fixing the drywall and upgrading the electric. Here's the SER wire for the branch panel. You might think this is over kill, but I'm also installing an air conditioner and a tankless water heater too. I got all my radio gear moved to the garage and checking current draw from different devices. I get done with the drywall I may pay someone to do the tape and beding.

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