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Brief shop cleaning

I haven't posted in awhile as I have been out of sorts. Went to the emergency room a few weeks ago with 3 kidney stones. 10mm, 3mm on the right and 7.5mm on the left. I ended up with a stent installed about a day later. Then it's been nothing but hurry up and wait to have a procedure done to have them blown up. Yesterday I tried to do some cleaning in the garage and work on my wife's bike that Bob WB5WLZ gave me. I was just rolling around on my drum throne when I turned the wrong way and went from rainbows and lollipops to hell on earth. I have a week until the first procedure and 2 weeks after that to have the silly straw removed. 

Kat loves the retro look of the bike. It dates back to the 70's from a company out of Dallas. I'm going to see if I can carefully open the light and install a small super capacitor and a kingbright LED. Tires, liners and tubes should be here today. If it all works good I'll take it apart and powdercoat the whole bike. Possibly the same blue and the shiny make white. 

Here's where I got with the desk before I got shutdown by the pain.

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